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The training concept

We offer a unique training concept “Aviamed Hypoxia Recognition Training” combining theory and practice. This gives all flight crew the chance to learn how the human body reacts to high altitude exposure and experience their own, personal symptoms of hypoxia. This is an investment in the passenger on-board safety and an investment in the most important part of your company – the crew.

How it works

After a theory lesson “When Pressure is Lost” each crew member gets exposed to hypoxia. The practical demonstration is based on modern, safe technique and performed with a mobile hypoxia generator, providing a reduced oxygen content corresponding to an appropriate altitude. In the end of the hypoxia exposure each crew member will feel how effective oxygen is for recovery.

The training can be performed with cognitive testing on a tablet during hypoxia, in an office or a classroom. This gives the chance for both pilots and cabin crew to experience the personal symptoms of hypoxia and observe the decline in cognitive performance.

When installed in a flight simulator the pilot gets exposed to hypoxia during flight and can notice how the performance is degraded. The system can be installed in both military and civil flight simulators. The integration in simulator has got credits for the enhanced realism and great pedagogical value compared to traditional chamber training.

Very realistic training with high educational value

– Customer testimonial

Safe training

The training is safe, reliable and under supervision of our flight surgeons who have their own flight experience as well as civil and military AME authorization. Before the training all crew has to fill in a medical assessment form which is reviewed by our flight surgeons and during the hypoxic exposure the participant is carefully monitored.

The training is effective and highly valuable, both in the classroom, as well as integrated in a flight simulator when the pilot is exposed to hypoxia during flight. And best of all – the training can be performed on-site on your premises or in your simulator.

Aviamed Hypoxia Recognition Training

  • It’s simple
  • It’s safe
  • It’s cost effective