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About Aviamed

Aviamed offers a professional solution for flight crew training in high altitude physiology with focus on hypoxia prevention. Our primary customers are airline companies and flight schools interested in long-term cooperation and our goal is to become the leading business partner in hypoxia training. The training concept is an investment in the passenger on-board safety and an investment in the most important part of your company – the flight crew.

20 years of aeromedical experience

My medical background is in general practice and occupational health, the last twenty years as an AME and Flight Surgeon in the Swedish Armed Forces. In the aeromedical field my main interest is flight physiology including preventive actions against hypoxia, G-forces and Spatial Disorientation.

With a broad experience of military flight physiology I am aware of the importance and value of hypoxia training. I am convinced that the normobaric training will become a golden standard in flight safety education. This is why I started Aviamed.

— Lars-Gunnar Hök, founder of Aviamed