Thomas Cook Airlines – welcome as a new Aviamed customer

For enhanced flight safety Thomas Cook Airlines has choosed Aviamed as a partner for hypoxia training. We are happy to cooperate with the leading charter airline and welcome them as new customer of Aviamed! In September we performed the first training during a busy day training a large group of flight instructors at Copenhagen Airport. They all fly Airbus and we also got a chance to take a closer look at the Airbus 320 in the hangar. All instructors got a deeper knowledge of the physiological effects of cabin pressure loss and could experience their personal early symptoms of hypoxia. The training was very appreciated and we are looking forward to training also Thomas Cook cabin crew, as important as the pilots in recognizing the early symptoms of hypoxia.

Maria Hök from Aviamed in discussions with the Thomas Cook pilots during training



Challenging labyrinth… In the basic concept we use different cognitive tasks and tests during hypoxia, with pen and paper as well as with an ipad


Nicloai Bondo Rasmussen, Training manager at Thomas Cook Airlines,  was the first to be trained and  he had an interested and amused audience


Niocloai gets instructions in a hypoxic state



Hmmm, not that easy…