”This is the way to learn how you get affected by hypoxia” Successful installation in 737 simulator

This is the way to learn how you get affected by hypoxia – in flight simulator! Flight Instructor Stefan Nyström at Trafikflyghögskolan Ljungbyhed tries an approach in the 737 simulator in a hypoxic state.  In May we successfully installed the hypoxia generator in the 737 simulator at Trafikflyghögskolan. The altitude training reaches a completely new level in simulator where you really can notice the degraded performance in addition to recognizing the physiological symptoms of hypoxia.


Flight surgeon Christian Andras from Aviamed in the simulator


Research engineer Eddie Bergsten from EBTech checking the software  during hypoxia training. EBTech has been an important actor in development of  the new Aviamed HRT hardware as well as the software